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H.K. Edgerton is available for speaking engagements. Below are some comments of those who have heard him speak:

People asked if I minded the things you spoke about. As far as I am concerned, the truth doesn't hurt, but lies do. What you delivered was the "truth!"

          Bob, Florida

I have NEVER had so much fun listening to a speech and singing Dixie then I did today!!! Please keep up the good work and please do not stop spreading the word that so many people do not because of being too "PC"

          Ben, Virginia

Let me express in words brother that you have never been a burden and that you shine out like a beacon calling all Southerners white and black to come together and unite with one voice for the cause of the South.

          Jacob, Tennessee

You take your pride to a new level that I find unequaled in most quarters whether black or white. I appreciate your dedication to duty, even in a rainstorm!

          Greg, Texas


Speakers Fee:     $20,000.00
Travel Expense:     $.62 per mile X 2
Food and Lodging not included

Honorarium:     $500.00 Speakers fee has been waived. Travel, food, lodging and out of pocket expenses will be applied.

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